Wanted – monkey who can do everything – will give peanuts

Wanted a junior developer (preferably just out of University with 5 years real world commercial experience) who has experience in iOS, Android, Windows Mobile , Blackberry, HTML5, Photoshop, Rails, ASP and who can prove has developed apps that have been top 20 on the app store.” 60-62k k based on experience. Will favourably look upon people with 10 years iOS experience.

I once talked to an agent who claimed he had fielded someone who was an expert in iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

And I said (it was 9 months ago) “but wait .. how does one get good at all those things, and why does one get good at Windows Mobile when no one is buying it?”

“And for that matter can you tell me a well respected app – written by one developer – who wrote it for both iOS and Android? I mean anyone who is good at a these things often has a passion, a focus. Good at one and passing at another I could believe, but good at all of them? Why wouldn’t they be making millions elsewhere instead of peanuts with your company?”

“Ah too be honest (sotto voce), the role actually doesn’t want anything like those developers – you would be patching up fairly crummy apps” (Real slightly paraphrased response).

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