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Disclaimer: The posts on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent any company’s positions, strategies, or opinions.

My name is John Shea, I live in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, in Australia.

I like creating things.

This blog exists in order to:

  1.  To document / walk through the development process for apps that I am building
  2.  To post odd thoughts on software development – primarily iOS development.
  3.  To mention product updates or releases.
  4.  To comment on some aspect of my  products and projects.

Two underlying themes tend to come up a lot in what I do. One is the ”bootstrap” meme (hence the title). This is about how we (humans) can improve ourselves.

Bootstrapping in my view comes from i) education, ii) tools – to create stuff or enhance an ability (for example Napkin does that for me with idea creation or visualisation) and iii) biological improvements, of which with current technology available, the best come from exercise and good diet.

The second theme is experimentation. Through experimenting you learn.  Until you do the experiment (as Dr, Karl would affirm) you can’t be assured of anything.

If you keep in mind these two things, bootstrapping and experimenting, when reading what I write, it will help you understand why I do certain things in a certain way.

Please comment on this site if you want to remark on something I have written, I will however be moderating all comments.

If you want to comment or give feedback on my products send to: info at jmsapps dot com

If you want to communicate directly to me – then send to gmail at : johnmacshea


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