Digital Content and Value Creation

This post was catalysed by a recent meet of the Creative Farm by The Untitled Studio : Creative Farm

As creators of digital content we are often beset with the issue of no one (including ourselves) understanding the real value of what we produce.

The first big issue

I believe that part of the problem comes from the fact that digital content can be created anywhere in the world. So those of us in certain nations who have to pay 20 times the rent than those in other nations, are often competing for the same jobs. Thus some of us can undercut the others by a huge amount.

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One of the Things I learned from Swipe Conference

Matthew Magain at UX mastery recently wrote a blog post called 10 Things I Learned From Swipe Conference 2012/.

I thought it was really worth reading because there were some insights there that I had not received.

I’m going to write about one of his lessons, primarily because I received such a different insight to him.

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