Limited object creation options in Napkin

You get squares, circles, and whats in between. Its a trade off – having many more objects means the user interface has to somehow accommodate them, and then selecting objects becomes slow. Even now – the default is a square, with the idea that most of the time for quick creation of ideas – a square is all that is needed. You can then round the corners or change line thickness, colour etc. For the first version – thats enough variety for quick idea creation.

Contextual Halos for Napkin

The idea for Napkin came about whilst sitting at a presentation – I wanted to write the interesting things down – but also draw simple diagrams around that text. I ended up using pencil and paper – but the diagrams were poor – and later on one couldn’t edit or expand on those interesting points. So the purpose of Napkin is to put down fast the ideas in diagrammatic and textual form, which can be reused and shared later on.

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